SHOCKING! 15 year old student killed his teacher inside their classroom

A 15 year old boy fatally stabbed his teacher three times at Tusday morning, September 13, inside their classroom at the Pedro “Oloy” N. Roa Senior High School at Barangay Canitoan, Cagayan De Oro City.

Vilma Cabactulan, received three stab wounds in the back from her student, the victim was brought to Madonna and Child Hospital but she later died.

According to the authorities, the student had silently attacked the teacher in her back using a 7 inches knife. The 15 year old suspect was turned over by his parents to the Bulua Police Station’s women and children Protection Desk where he is set to undergo psychological examination.

According to the Police Officer who interviewed the suspect, there are two other boys, both classmate of the suspect, were supposedly involved in the crime.

According to the suspect, he was repeatedly humiliated by their teacher because of using cellphone while in the class. Many students were also had the grudge against their teacher.

The family of the suspect refused to give any more statements about the incident.

Some of the students of Cabatuclan were shocked of what happened to their teacher.


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