Reporter criticised by Duterte supporters and accused providing one-sided information to the international media

Reporter Gretchen Malalad was criticised by the supporters of President Duterte, after being suspected giving one sided information from Rishi Iyengar of Time Magazine.

Without any proof except to Malalad’s comment to Rishi Iyengar, the supporters of President Duterte criticised the reporter on Social Media and called her a traitor of this country. Even the social media director of Duterte’s Presidential campaign criticised the said reporter. President Duterte Supporters believes that the reporter who doesn’t like the killings happened during Duterte’s War on Drugs gave discrediting information to the TIME Magazine writer.

After reading the comment section, the supporters of Duterte suspected that Gretchen met with Rishi before the story released and she is the source of some information that Rishi written.. Gretchen was also worried about the war on drugs in the Philippines and she believes that the killings must stop. According to some Netizens that we interviewed, Malalad did nothing wrong for criticising the War on Drugs of President Duterte, because she is just exercising her right to express her opinion.

In his arrival speech from Indonesia and ASEAN Summit on September 10, President Duterte urged the reporters and journalists to criticised him if they saw him doing wrong.

“Do not hesitate to attack me, criticise me if I do wrong in my job. It is your duty to your country. As I have my duty to the people to serve you,” he said.

But the President of the Philippines reminded the reporters to “true and accurate” reports.

Supporters of President Duterte criticised the TIME Magazine Asia who featured Duterte’s War on Drugs, that showed the dark side of the Anti-Illegal Drug operation on the Philippines.


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