Obama Belies ABS-CBN’s Claim That No Handshake Occurred Between Him And Duterte

According to ABS-CBN News, no Duterte-Obama handshake at East Asia Summit. However, other news organizations says otherwise.

However, based on the video released by the White House, President Obama told the press that he did shake hands with President Duterte at the ASEAN Summit, though he admitted that his interaction with Duterte was short.

I did shake hands with President Duterte last night. It was not a long interaction, and I indicated to him that my team should be meeting with his and determine how to move forward the whole range of issues.

In addition, Obama told reporters when prompted to comment on the Duterte cursing that he did not take it personally because it is a phrase Duterte used repeatedly in the past.

I don’t take these comments personally because it seems this is a phrase he used repeatedly including, directed at the Pope and others, so I think this seems to be just a habit, a way of speaking for him.

Video courtesy of Rappler and the White House


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