MUST WATCH: New Yorkers shows their support to President Duterte

President Duterte supporters shows in New York shows their support to President Rodrigo Duterte.

#PartnerForChangeNY gathered in front of the Philippine Consulate General in New York and peacefully showed their support for change and fighting terrorism.

Jeanette Bocobo marco from “I am Pinoy Newsroom” and Netizen Emma Lapinig Alamin Weiss posted the live video on Facebook.

They believe that President Duterte is doing the right thing in suppressing illegal drugs in the Philippines and they are also praying for the justice of the Davao Bombing victims.The New Yorkers admired President Duterte’s achievement in Davao City and they believe that he is the only hope of the Philippines.

Last month Anti-Duterte supporters gathered in New York, condemned the alleged human rights abuses of the new President of the Philippines.

But the PartnerForChangeNY believes that President Duterte is not committing any human rights abuses and only protecting the interest of the law-abiding citizens of the Philippines.


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