MUST WATCH: International Reporter Visits Philippines to Find Out Why Filipinos Don't Believe in Biased Media Reportings!

Since Rodrigo Duterte was seated as the 16th President of the Republic of the Philippines, all eyes were on him as he vowed to eradicate the long-standing roots of drug problems that have plagued the country for years.

And in just nearly 3 months, he's made international news and headlines for his aggressive take on the widespread activity of drugs and being a generally devoted president addressing this glaring issue.

His administration along with the aid of the police officers have waged war against drug sin their anti-drug campaign which earned Duterte a reputation in the eyes of many world leaders and international media for his iron fist. He's also earned praise from many analysts, reporters, and journalists for his straightforward approach on fighting drugs. Along the way, Duterte has also earned some detractors who weren't quite pleased with the way he's handling the issues of the country.

Despite the rather skewed and misleading reports from the media, Duterte has received strong support from many. This prompted international reporter Susan Ritzen to seek answers as to why the Filipinos are enamored with Duterte and why they don't believe in the biased media reports.


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