MUST SHARE: Malaysia's Prime Minister Begs Duterte To Fight Drugs In Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR — The Prime Minister of Malaysia Najib Razak has called on the president of Philippines Rodrigo Duterte to help him fight drugs in his country Malaysia. Despite death penalty as punishment for drug related offenses, the Prime Minister says “the rate keeps on increasing daily” and as such needs the intervention of the Filipino president.

In few works on ascending to the highest throne as the president of Philippines, a country of over 100 million, Duterte has embarked on an extra-ordinary war on drugs that have received worldwide attention. Though human rights concerns have been raised by few, many are in support of the Filipino president and this is clearly evident in him being appointed as the ASEAN Chairman at the just ended summit of the organization.

As Malaysia has called on Duterte, it is widely anticipated that most countries would engage the president in its fight against drug related offenses.


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