MUST SHARE: Duterte tells Air Force to fight James Bond-style

President Rodrigo Duterte may not have served in the military in his life, but he knows a thing or two about combat.

In his speech before members of the Philippine Air Force at Villamor Air Base Tuesday (Sept. 13), Duterte said soldiers should study their enemies. For instance, he said those looking to cause trouble are usually in small groups.

“It could be in the urban, it could be in the rural areas. They are in small numbers, highly agile, always suspicious, ganon ’yon,” he said. Individually, the President said soldiers should study the profiles of their targets even from afar.

“Pag-aralan mo ‘yung profiling. Start to profile ‘yung galaw ng mata, movement, ano ‘yung native dialect niya,” he said. Duterte’s advice brings to mind the fictional British Secret Service agent James Bond, who studies his enemies before pursuing or attacking them.


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