MUST SHARE: Duterte Called As Asean Rockstar. Find Out Why?

At the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) forum at Laos, President Duterte was dubbed as a “rockstar”. Everywhere he went, he drew a crowd of people wanting to talk to him.

He has proven that he is not someone to be belittled as a flock or reporters and international media follows him everywhere. This is not what was expected from a a President of a third world country.

In the sea of leaders wearing coat and ties, the President rose up as he wore a simple white long-sleeved shirt.

Despite the issue about Obama that overcame him before he left for the trip, he held true nd proved that he is still very much liked in the forum.

Other ASEAN member-nations leaders even posed Duterte’s signature closed fist gesture for picture-taking.

But despite of maintained popularity, the Mindanaoan president’s alter-ego also came to the rescue.

According to Chief Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo, the White House might have taken “out of context” angry Duterte’s words on extrajudicial killings.

Panelo defended that Duterte did not directly cursed Obama and he had a different context on saying that he shall kick the US president.

The presidential legal counsel also said that Duterte has no plans of staging a public apology to Obama and he is not going to change his style. [source]

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