MUST READ: ‘Yellow army’ throws barbs at Du30 over Davao blast

Instead of praying for Davao, the so-called Yellow Army – supporters of defeated presidential candidate Manuel Roxas II – chose to nitpick President Rodrigo Duterte over the deadly blast in Davao City Friday night.

As of Saturday morning, singer and ex-presidential assistant Leah Navarro posted several anti-Duterte entries on her Twitter account, questioning Duterte’s act of declaring a state of lawlessness. Navarro also reposted similar anti-Duterte tweets on her timeline.

The so-called Yellow Army also engaged Sen. Jose Victor Ejercito in a brief word war, prompting Ejercito to post a tweet about it

“Mga yellow army ba may hepatitis o jaundice? Di niyo kaya maging color blind kahit may trahedya na? Kailangan upak pa rin?” he said

“Keep it coming,” he added.

“While everyone is calling for unity and offer prayers for Davao, the others continue to attack on social media. Let us pray for them as well,” he said


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