MUST READ: Presidential Sister Offers A Reward To Anyone Who Can Tell Who Brought Matobato To The Senate

Eleanor Roa, the Presidential sister offers a reward amounting to P10, 000.00 to anyone who can provide information who brought Edgar Manobato to the Senate.

According to Roa, they are not rich just to give reward money to the ‘whistle blower’ but henceforth; she can make ways and borrow that amount anytime she needs it.

We’re not rich, we don’t have money. Anybody who can give me a whistleblower who can say who really brought this (Matobato) to court. All I need is information. I don’t know where to get that 10,000 pesos but I’m sure I can borrow it. Only one question: Who brought you at the senate, who taught you?

It can be recalled how many times Matobato involve Duterte family stating that their sister Jocelyn Duterte had a love affair with her dance instructor and the latter was killed by the Davao Death Squad.

You know you can file libel suit and you know libel. You can ask for prison time and you can also ask for punity of libel suit. If they had a 1 billion peso transaction, I’ll ask for 500 million because what is money to destroy a name of a person? – Eleanor Roa

In fact, the Presidential sister Eleanor Roa denied the alleged issues being thrown at her by Matobato and according to Roa, he’s ruining their reputation.

That’s ruining of a woman’s reputation. I don’t understand why I was involved in the controversial senate hearing. It’s not true, he’s a liar. I don’t even know him, he doesn’t know me.

Apparently, there is no one Roa can blame only Senator Leila De Lima for the statements of Matobato and she said:

I am blaming de Lima for this because you cannot present a witness if you don’t know whether your witness’ statement is true. She’s targeting a family now, she’s wrong. She must attack politicians. I’m not a politician neither my siblings. She’ll have to face me.


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