MUST READ: Media Binaliktad Ang Mensahe Ni Duterte Para Maging Masama sa Iba

Once again the firebrand leader and president of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte earned headlines from international media, this time after allegedly cursing U.S. President Barack Obama in one of his statements after being asked about other foreign powers growing concerned over the extra judicial killings happening in his administration.

The tenacious Duterte said "Son of a b****, I will curse you in that forum," that generated shockwaves and controversy that resonated loudly in international circles. After speaking to journalists on Monday, he said that the Philippines  has "long ceased to be a colony of the United States," and that he is leading a sovereign country.

Duterte was supposed to have talks with Obama this Tuesday, but the meeting has been moved and set to another date. Spokesman of the U.S. National Security Council Ned Price has stated that President Obama will have discussions with South Korean President Park Geun-Hye.

President Duterte also released a statement following the cancellation of his meeting with President Obama.

Since he came into power, President Duterte has sworn to end the pandemic issue that has long plagued his nation for years. His anti-drug campaign made international headlines after the extra judicial killings caught the attention of other countries.

Meanwhile, in a press conference in the G20 Summit in China, Obama said "I always want to make sure if I'm having a meeting that it's actually productive and we're getting something done,"

Duterte is known for his rugged personality and sent a strong message that reverberated loudly, but it's clear that he wasn't aiming at Obama for his expletives and rough statements.

Simply put, he wants to address the issues of his own country and aims to strengthen international ties and their relationships, especially with the U.S. after his remarks got full steam. [SOURCE]


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