MUST READ “He is an expert in Peace and Order” Sen. Tito Sotto defends President Duterte from critics.

Senator Tito Sotto defends President Duterte’s from the people who criticised the declaration of State of Lawlessness in the Philippines after the bombings in Davao City on September 2.

On September 5 the Senator said to his fans on Twitter that there is nothing to worry about the declaration of state of violence in the Philippines that would order the military to assist the Philippine National Police in fighting terrorism.

Sotto also showed his trust to President Rody Duterte’s decision and he believes that he is an expert in peace and order and he knows what is better for the Filipino people.

He also said that the President knows better than his critics when it comes to Peace and Order.

The Senator also asked the Netizens to avoid spreading fear to the people.

Netizens lauds the Senator for defending the President and his declaration of state of lawlessness to prevent more terrorist attacks in the country.


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