MUST READ: Garcia of Smartmatic admits existence of "queue" server; Marcos camp feels vindicated

The Marcos camp scored an initial victory when Garcia admitted the existence of queue servers while facing the prosecutors for questioning recently.
Previously, the Marcos camp alleged the existence of the existence of a “fourth server” or the “queue server,” which had been kept secret from the public by the Comelec and Smartmatic.

It can be recalled that Marlon Garcia of Smartmatic gained notoriety at the height of the canvassing of votes when his name surfaced because of the “changing of the script” controversy.

Marlon Garcia, the project manager and a number of Smartmatic officials are charged for violation of Section 4(a) of the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 or Republic Act No. 10175.
Other notable names are Elie Moreno (General Manager and Project Director), Neil Banigued and Mauricio Herrera (Technical Support Team members) and COMELEC IT experts led by Rouie Peñalba, Nelson Herrera and Frances Mae Gonzalez, who are all assigned at the Information Technology Department.
The Marcos camp released a statement welcoming the unexpected development.
These victories will continue only for as long as we, the great mass called the public, remain vigilant, engaged and ready to fight for the truth. This syndicate cannot win against the people. They know this. But we also must believe that we can win this, you and me, together.
This breaking news has been receiving positive feedback from the Marcos supporters.
As of this writing, the post has been shared more than 1,000 times and 1,300 likes from netizens.
Lemuel Plaza Alavera Espinazo wrote:
Yes! The truth must be revealed and the culprits like these ones punished!
Jojie Relato Ranosa wrote:
Lalabas at lalabas din ang totoo nyan…Mabuhay ka BBM saiyong protesta para sa sambayanan Pilipino
Nadja Deves wrote:
So we must keep on praying for the truth to come out and BBM together with his supporters wil win help us God Almighty…
Alodia Mendoza Ona wrote:
Let the truth prevail we admire your fighting spirit BBM
Marializa Delacruz Deguzman wrote:
God is good malapit na uupo ang REAL VP..ikaw ang binoto ng sambayanan Pilipino Bongbong Marcos the Real VP..
Tina Bangayan wrote:
Justice will soon prevail.go bbm
Lita Reyes wrote:
We pray for thruth para kay VP BBM salamat po panginoon at lagi po ninyo gabayan ang mga taong kakampi ng aming vp bbm GODBLESS PO


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