MUST READ! College Dropout Sen. Pacquiao KNOCKED OUT Bar Topnotcher De Lima.

"Tayong mga senador, nag-iimbestiga. 'Di magpo-protekta sa witness. 'Yun po ang rules natin dito" This is what neophyte Senator Manny Pacquiao blasted on Sen. De Lima that has caught the attention of many netizens as well as praises from some senators. 

This was his response when Sen. De Lima asked the senate to stop asking misleading questions to witness Edgar Matobato, as his lawyer has no powers to object such questions which should have been improper in a hearing. She also urged them to let Matobato finish his answers.  "Again I go back to my appeal earlier. Iwasan po natin ang misleading. Kapag naman po siguro meron siyang ineexplain, hayaan naman po siya para makaexplain (If he is explaining something, allow him to finish his explanation)," she said in the 4th senate hearing on extrajudicial killings.

But Pacquiao immediately slayed De Lima's statements saying: "What I understand, Mr Chairman, ito ay inquiry sa isang witness para pakinggan ang statement ng witness. Hindi natin dedepensahan siya kundi i-examine kung nagsasabi ng totoo (this is an inquiry into a witness to hear his statement. We are not here to defend him but to examine if his statements are true)," Pacquiao said.

"Tayong mga senador, nag-iimbestiga. 'Di magpo-protekta sa witness. 'Yun po ang rules natin dito (We senators are here to investigate, not to protect witness. That is the rule here),"

It can be recalled that it was Pacquiao who moved that the Senate committee on justice be declared vacant, Meanwhile netizens were proud of how Pacquiao is learning fast. A picture saying "College dropout Sen. Pacquiao brutally schooled bar topnotcher Sen. de Lima. You were really impressive today, Manny." and has went extremely viral garnering 3.9 k likes.


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