MUST READ! A Call To Unite Against Anti-Duterte Propaganda After International Media Ganged Up On Duterte!

The international media's portrayal of President Rodrigo Duterte as a psychotic blood-crazed dictator who has unleashed a death squad on the country has created negative among pro-Duterte Filipinos. A netizen shared an open letter on Mindanation against the mass media and their alleged manipulation and twisting of news in order to make people perceive Duterte in a way that favors them.

The article calls for more supporters to fight against the anti-Duterte propaganda of mass media as he claims.

"With all that’s going on in the Philippines right now, for the international media to focus on the anti-drug campaign to the exclusion of everything else just seems to convenient for my taste," the statement read pointing out to other relevant news that were not getting as much attention as Duterte's war on drugs.

Furthermore, the article pointed towards the Liberal Party insisting that they were among those behind the manipulation of mass media.

"As to who is behind it, I will put my money on the Liberal Party... it’s as if they are all reading from the same playbook. Or being guided by the same handler."

Furthermore, he called out to Filipinos to unite against propaganda and use their voices through the social media in reclaiming the freedom to speak up, to be part of the voice that moves the nation.

"This clear effort to manipulate people through a paid PR campaign and the manipulation of mass media is nothing new. It has been done before. I have even tried my hand at it a few times (or more). But the thing is, now people are fighting back," it declared.

"In millions of comments sections and individual social media accounts, everywhere they can – people are resisting the monopoly of mass media. After years of being suppressed by the media, people are slowly re-learning how it is to express their own opinions, and reclaim their role in the dialogue that affects the whole nation."


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