MUST READ: Aguirre challenges De Lima to file case against him

Who’s afraid of Senator Leila de Lima? Certainly not Department of Justice (DOJ) Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre. “I have nothing to fear,” declared the latter as he challenged De Lima to file charges against him. “She could do what she likes as long as it is within the bounds of the law,” Aguirre stressed.

Aguirre then took a not-so-subtle dig at the lady politko by saying that he doesn’t allow himself to be used by Malacañang “unlike some past secretaries of Justice”. De Lima served as DOJ secretary under the previous Aquino administration.

The DOJ is currently investigating De Lima’s alleged links with the illegal drug activities at the New Bilibid Prison (NBP). Because of this, De Lima recently threatened to file perjury charges against Aguirre and even National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Director Dante Gierran for supposedly manufacturing evidence against her.


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