LOOK! De Lima says Duterte, Aguirre are stupid

Why is De Lima blocking President Duterte's war against drug lords?

Leila de Lima, the embattled former Department of Justice Secretary who has been linked to the proliferation of illegal drugs within the country’s penitentiaries during her term of office, says that President Rodrigo Duterte and Atty. Vitaliano Aguirre, the new DOJ secretary, are stupid for even listening to the testimonies of drug lords against her.

“Napakalaki nilang mga tanga para hindi mapansin na nagkaka-balu-baluktot na ang kanilang mga sinasabi,” De Lima said referring the evidence given by a succession of convicted criminals who have pinpointed De Lima as their main protector.

This includes high profile inmate Herbert Colangco, who has admitted to paying millions of pesos to De Lima every month to be allowed to, among others build a private luxury suite, hold concerts, record an album, and continue to conduct business, while locked up in prison.

In the same news report, De Lima even accuses Duterte as having now sided with the drug lords because they allowed them to testify against her. “Ang mga drug lord at criminal sa Bilibid ngayon ay kakampi na ng Pangulo sa kanyang giyera sa droga.”

But just to illustrate how hopelessly stupid Leila de Lima is, if we apply her own twisted logic to the case of Edgar Matobato, then we can say that she is now in cahoots with the people behind the extrajudicial killings that she has been desperately trying to pin on Duterte for almost ten years.

Is this anyway for a lawyer, let alone a legislator to think? Is this the kind of idiocy that we, the taxpayers are paying for in our government officials? Those who voted for this sorry excuses for a senator should be ashamed of themselves. Whatever this woman says has no value at all, her mind is a black hole where knowledge, wisdom, intelligence or anything of any intellectual value gets swallowed up never to be seen again.

So for the love of God, country, and everything that is sane in this world, can someone please file a case against Leila de Lima already. Before she opens her mouth again and does any more damage to the country with her stupidity.


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