JUST IN Magleo: Aabutin ng 2-3 hours si De Lima sa kubol ni Jaybee Sebastian, silang dalawa lang

Rodolfo Magleo, former police chief inspector is one of the witnesses presented by Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II during the NBP drug trade congress hearing on Monday.

He claims Jaybee Sebastian said he was close to De Lima and she would go inside his kubol. "For me, it's something abnormal. Papasok si De Lima sa kubol niya, silang dalawa lang, aabutin ng 2-3 hours".

Magleo also mentioned that Herbert Colangco was able to bring in truckloads of beer in NBP for a concert, 300 guests invited. He gave De Lima ₱2-3 million a month, ₱1 million a month per concert.


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