JUST IN: JB Sebastian is in Critical Condition and other High-profile inmate killed after the Bilibid Riot

MANILA, Philippines – At least one high-profile inmate at the New Bilibid Prison died Wednesday, September 28, after a “riot” erupted between inmates earlier in the morning.

In radio and television interviews, Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II confirmed that a certain Tony Co, an inmate at Bilibid, died after the riot at Building 14.

Other high-profile inmates – Peter Co, Vicente Sy, Jaybee Sebastian – and a military officer serving time at the Bilibid were also injured, according to Aguirre.
Co, Sy, and Sebastian were taken to the Medical Center Muntinlupa. The military officer was also hurt, Aguirre said, but did not want to be brought to a hospital.

Co is supposedly 50/50 while Sebastian is “stable,” according to Aguirre.

Citing what he called "sketchy reports," Aguirre said the two Cos and Sy were reportedly using shabu at the cell of Peter Co. An inmate, Edgar Cinco, saw them, and reported them to a military officer who was serving time in Bilibid.

The military officer reportedly called out the group, and then went to the cell of Sebastian. Tony Co supposedly ran after the military officer and attacked him.
"There was a riot," Aguirre said, adding that an "icepick" was used.

In the end, Tony Co was killed. Sy, Peter Co, and Sebastian were also hurt enough to require hospitalization.

The military officer, who was the reported subject of the attack and was supposed to have been injured as well, according to Aguirre, was not included in the list of injured in the official statement released by Justice Undersecretary Ericcson Balmes.

Asked how shabu could still exist in the Bilibid, when it was already being guarded by the Philippine National Police-Special Action Force troopers, Aguirre said the problem could not be completely wiped out at once.

‪All inmates were detained at the Building 14 inside the NBP, which houses "high-profile" inmates, including those alleged to have continued drug operations inside prison. Co is among the detainees President Rodrigo Duterte accused of still being a drug lord in incarceration. Co is a convicted drug lord.‬

‪Sebastian is supposedly one of the most influential gang leaders in Bilibid. He has also been accused of helping Senator Leila de Lima, then justice secretary, raise campaign funds within the prison through illegal drugs, which De Lima had denied. Sebastian is serving time for carnapping.

De Lima had said that Sebastian was a government asset.


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