JUST IN: Indonesian to Duterte: Finish Abu Sayyaf

Indonesian to Duterte: Finish Abu Sayyaf

One of the freed three Indonesian hostages, Teo Doros Kofong, called on to the Philippine government to finish off the terror group Abu Sayyaf. He disclosed to the press that his life while being in the hands of the group was “very hard.”

“That is why we request the Philippine and Indonesian to keep conducting operations and as soon as possible crush this ASG,” Kofong said.

He was freed alongside his fellow fishermen, Lorence Koten and Emmanuel Arakian. “I feel so relieved now that we are free because I was thinking that I would be beheaded,” he added, and thanked the Moro National Liberation Front for facilitating the negotiation of their release.

“I am expressing my gratitude to the Philippine and Indonesian government for this freedom.”

The three of them were freed to MNLF founding chair Nur Misuari, after being held in captivity since July 19 in Lahud Datu in Indonesia.


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