GOOD NEWS! Duterte to Lorenzana, Go To Russia And China Check Best Military Weaponry And Armaments For Philippines

President Rodrigo Duterte orders Defense secretary Delfin Lorenzana with the technical team of the Department of National Defense to go to Russia and China and look for the best military weaponry and armaments for the Philippines.

At the 250th founding anniversary of Presidential Airlift Wing in Villamor Airbase, in a speech of President Duterte, He said “to military commanders ang pataas pa kayo military colonel, pag-aralan na ninyo ang purchase ng…. and we had the money, there are two countries, who wish to give the softest loans and it will be payable in 20 to 25 years, Duterte said, “there are two countries who wish to give the softest loans and it will be payable in 20 to 25 years, sabi ko sa kanila na, i want weaponry and armaments.”

He said “Hindi ko kailangan yan mga jets, yan mga F16 [United States fighter jet] that’s of no use to us! We don’t intend to fight any country, kapag ginamit natin ‘yan wala naman tayong missile, ayaw naman tayong pagbilhan ng mga gago! [United States] “So let’s content our self with a propeller driven planes but which we can use extensively sa anti-insurgency. In terrorism in Mindanao, it could generate into a full-blown civil war”

“Sabi ko there are countries ahh.. cover us.. so many.. sabi nila mamili ka lang doon.”

I would like to tell you that some of our guys there. I’ll tell you who country they are if you want I would like to ask the defense secretary Delfin Lorenzana so samahan kayo ng technical people, pumunta kayo ng Russia at pumunta kayo ng China, at tignan ninyo kung anu ang pinaka mabuti. Duterte added.


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