Fashion Blogger Tweets Cruel Wish for Philippines

Though he have many supporters, there are people who hated the President Duterte's action towards achieving change. First, the president got bashed for extrajudicial killings with regards to his fight against illegal drug use and trade. Second, he is being bashed because of his words and acts against international federations and world leaders.

One of his bashers is fashion blogger Bryan Boy who tweeted last week saying, "I can't wait for typhoon season to hit Philippines para maturuan ng lesson si Duterte. Go right ahead and burn your international aid."

Fashion Blogger Tweets Cruel Wish for Philippines

Bryan Boy is pertaining to the history of foreign aid coming to the Philippines in the wake of devastating calamities like when typhoon Yolanda hit the Philippines. 

During that time, the Philippines received billions of help but until now, only 1% of the help were given to the calamity victims. Roxas and Robredo was being accused of misusing those funds that was supposedly for the sake of the Yolanda victims. 

We can only wait and see how Duterte will handle the typhoon season, along with the criticism he is facing.


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