DUTERTE TO PNOY "Corruption During Your Time Will Not Happen Again"

The Philippines’ sixteenth president, Rodrigo Roa Duterte, assured the Filipino people that corruption, which was not addressed by the previous administration, will not be experienced during his time.

Duterte said the will keep his promise that he will let the Filipino people experience a clean government and free from corruption, including questionable transactions.

The president assured that he shall issue an order to the Bureau of Immigration (BI) and Bureau of Customs (BoC) to make necessary adjustments and measures to ensure the eradication of corruption.

He further added that tax exemptions, especially to business moguls and billionaires, will not work in his government, unlike what happened during the six-year term of Former President Benigno Simeon “Noynoy” Aquino III.

Duterte is referring to the P7 billion tax obligation of an energy company which was allegedly waived by the Aquino administration.

But the present president will not take the issue sitting down and said that he will chase after the energy company to get the money back to the Filipino people.

“Corruption. Corruption, taas pati baba. Dito, pagdating niyan.. sa Immigration, sa Customs, una na. Sabi ko, sus, huwas ninyo iyang gawin sa panahon ko. Hindi kayo. But I’m telling everybody: Do not do it in my time, because I promised the Filipino a clean government”, Duterte said.

(Corruption. Corruption, from higher to lower. Here, if it comes.. to Immigration, to Customs, initially. I said, God, do not do it during my time. Not you.)

“It will be a clean government. Wala talagang corruption. Lahat na, pati na iyong exemption of taxes na waiver ng billion sa taas. Billion and laro nila dito, maniwala kayo. We have a receivable from an energy plant of P7 billion, ni-waive. For what reason, I really do not know. And only one man can waive it. Seven billion i-waive mo for what? So walang bayaran dito basta mayaman, wala lusot iyang mga eroplano, eh ngayon oh..”, Duterte added.

(It will be a clean government. There will be no corruption. Everything, even those exemption of taxes that was waived by the higher up. Billions is their game here, believe me. We have a receivable from an energy plant of P7 billion, it was waived. For what reason, I really do not know. And only one man can waive it. You waive seven billion, for what? There will be no bribery especially the rich, airplanes are not exempted)

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