Duterte supporters started a protest on Social Media, asking international media to stop destabilising the Philippines

Sass Rogando Sassot, a student of Leiden University in The Hague Netherlands and a well-known supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte, started a protest on social media asking the International Media to stop destabilising the Philippines.

She asked the Netizens to create a join the protest against the international media that publishing news that discrediting the President of the Philippines in the international media. Sass Rogando Sassot said in her Facebook post.

Her post has gone viral on the internet and hundreds of President Duterte supporters joined her in the Social Media protest. She believes that Yellow Journalism was used against President Duterte to discredit him and to destroy his 91% trust rating in the Philippines.

“They have the money to influence the international community, we have the POWER to fight for our country. Let’s start a social media campaign to send our message to international media. No Apps. MAKE IT RAW. Apps = Bots. Prove to the world that you are real. MAKE YOUR POSTS PUBLIC.

1. Take a picture with this handwritten sign:
“Dear International Media: STOP destabilising the Philippines.”

2. Post the picture in your social media accounts (e.g. twitter, FB, Instagram), with the following hashtags:
#DuterteFIGHT #CNN #BBC #AlJazeera #RT #CCTV #TheGuardian #ABC #TimeMagazine”


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