CONFIRMED ! Sen. De Lima gets 2,000 threat messages and calls after Colangco revealed her cellphone number

Senator Leila De Lima slammed the members of the congress for publicly disclosed her mobile phone numeber and home address during the legislative hearing on the proliferation of illegal drugs inside the National Bilibid Prison on Tuesday.

Senator De Lima, faces accusations of receiving money from drug lords inside the prison as a protection during her term as the Secretary of Justice.

Herbert Colangco, one of the winesss presented by Department of Justice, revealed that De Lima used a mobile number issued by the justice department to communicate with drug lords inside the prison. The witness reads the mobile number of Sen. De Lima aloud before the committee and many Netizens who watched the live stream immediately tried to call the number of the neophyte Senator.

According to Sen. De Lima’s statement, she said that as of 8pm on Tuesday, she has received almost 2,000 text messages and phone calls from random people, threatening and harrassing her.

“They have basically destroyed my right to privacy and security in my communications and in my abode. I am now literally a persecuted person displaced from my home. Worse, they have turned people into weapons of destruction,” De Lima said in her statement.

De Lima believes that she was trying to destroy by the current administration because she was against them and investigating the alleged abuse of power of the government.


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