BREAKING NEWS! Two NBI Directors To Testify Against Sen. De Lima With Records As Their Proofs!

Two National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Directors are set to appear at the House of Representatives’ hearing this coming Tuesday, September 20, 2016. These NBI officials were assigned to the Bureau of Corrections from 2010 until 2013. They still have the notebook where all the transactions with the senator are recorded.

This notebook contains the dates, places, amounts of drug payoffs sent to Senator Leila de Lima, and to her alleged ex-boyfriend and driver Ronnie Dayan.
According to the NBI Directors, they were able to send at least P5 million cash to De Lima per month while some percentage of the money kickbacks were given to her driver, Dayan.

On their testimonies, it seems that Dayan has also his own ‘sideline’ aside from the money collected from the illegal drug trades. He even asked those NBI Directors to directly deposit the money to one of his children’s bank accounts.
Last but definitely the ‘truth’ that might surprise everyone; NBI directors revealed that Senator Leila De Lima knew that the money came from illegal drugs.

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