BREAKING NEWS: Duterte Wants American Forces Out Of Mindanao

The Philippine President got fed-up with what the American troops are doing in Mindanao.

President Rodrigo Duterte, said on Monday, that he is driving American Special Forces away from Mindanao.

The president made his statement while delivering his speech in an oath-taking ceremony of the new appointees of the Duterte Administration in Malacañan.

Duterte said that there is a great need for the American soldiers to move away from Mindanao so that the problem in the region will not worsen any further.

According to Pres. Duterte, he had this thought so many years ago but he just could not say it out of respect and he did not want to have any conflict or issues with the United States but they have to leave now.

“Kaya yung mga special forces, they have to go (The special forces, they have to go). They have to go in Mindanao. Maraming mga puti roon (There are many Whites in there). We have to go. ‘Yung foreign policy (The foreign policy). Di ko lang masalita noon out of respect and I do not want a rift with America (I just could not say it before out of repect and I do not want a rift with America). But they have to go. Look at the bodies there. Paano tayo… Paano mag-hold up ( (how about us? how about the hold-up incidents?). For as long as we stay with America, we will never have peace in that land. We might as well give it up”, Duterte said.

The president emphasized that as long as the American forces are present in Mindanao, the chances of achieving peace in the region is slim. He added that the situation will only worsen as long as the Abu Sayyaf Group can see soldiers of the US.

“Mas lalong iinit. Makakita ng Amerikano ‘yan, patayin talaga iyan. Kukunan ng ransom iyan, patayin. Even if you’re a black or a white American, basta Amerikano ka (It will only worsen the situation. If they see an American, they will kill him. They will demand ransom and kill him. Even if you’re a black or a while American, as long as you are an American)”, the Philippines’ 16th president added.

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