BREAKING NEWS! Duterte Fires Thousands of Former Aquino Appointees to Eliminate Corruption!

Duterte Fires Thousands of Former Aquino Appointees to Eliminate Corruption!

Change is Coming. This was the principle of President Duterte since from the very beginning. When he assumed office, he made sure that this was easily manifested in his appointees and initial decisions. Truly, there were many firsts in his Inauguration. Aside from not inviting the Vice President Leni Robredo, he invited the rallyist outside to have a talk with him hours after the ceremony.

And the changes just keep coming. He started firing different appointees of the former President as per his statement: “On Monday (August 22) I will declare all positions in the government that were presidential appointments… all throughout the country, I will declare your positions vacant.”

He fired everyone in the  Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LFRB) and the Land Transportation Office (LTO) which were both known for its corruption. He also targeted the  Government Service Insurance Corporation (GSIS) and criticized them for being slow to action on insurances of public school teachers, policemen, soldiers, and other government personnel.

It was a mass firing but he was unmoved of the criticisms he received thereafter. He remains unfazed of his tough stance of fighting corruption and warned those government officials who will try to do acts which are not beneficial to the Filipino citizens. By these, he continues to be loved by over 16 million people who voted for him. Indeed, change has come.


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