BREAKING NEWS! Duterte Asks BIR to Investigate Mar Roxas' Financier During Election Campaign!

The President himself asked the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) to check the taxed remitted by a businessman who was one of the top financiers of Manuel Roxas.

He was pertaining to Francis Eric Gutierrez, the owner of SR Metals Inc (SRMI). This is a nickel mine operator in the Agusan del Norte and was penalized by the government in the year 2007 for allegedly over-mining. With this, Duterte accused Roxas of protecting the said company as he even used the plane of Gutierrez during his campaign.

“All businessmen should pay taxes. They are many citing Gutierrez (as an example). There should be no exemptions. He cannot only destroy Tubay in Agusan del Norte,”  he said at a dinner at San Beda College of Law alumni at the MalacaƱang Heroes Hall on Sunday.

“I will take away the privilege of granting huge tax exemptions.You don’t know they have helicopters, airplanes,”

He then urged businessmen to pay proper taxes and would even take away tax exemptions.


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