BREAKING NEWS! Cayetano Slams De Lima: ‘We Rather Discuss Police, Military Salary Increase Than Investigate Them

Senator Alan Peter Cayetano defends the Duterte Administration from Senator Leila De Lima after she claimed that the administration is practicing or tolerating extrajudicial killings, she suggest to the senate that a senate hearing is in order to investigate these killings.

Cayetano however, explained what the ‘old normal’ is during past administrations, where drug pushers are set free and cops were afraid to engage them.

“Noong araw, ang pusher hindi mahuli, pagnahuli napakawalan, ang pulis pag hindi pakakawalan, pakakawalan ng piskal” Cayetano said.

Cayetano explained that there’s noticeable changes happening right now in the country, and that she should not blame the administration for those killings because those were not the orders of President Duterte.

“Never ko pong narinig sa kanya nasabihin mong walang laban, patayin” Cayetano stressed.

Summary Killings Cayetano recalls that it was even President Duterte threatened to kill abusive policemen.

“Never sinabe ng ating pangulo na pag may summary killings or murder ay hindi paparusahan, in fact, ang sinabe nya, ‘patay kayo sakin mga pulis pag umabuso kayo'” he said.

The senator from Taguig suggest that it’s better to use the precious time of the senate to discuss the salary increase of the police and military personnel that to investigate them.

De Lima also claims that President Rodrigo Duterte’s men for conducting a demolition job against her, said also said that they misjudge her and all power-hungry.

Cayetano sympathize with De Lima when she said that she’s being accused of ‘cuddling drug lords’ even though there’s no evidence or a case filed against her but also made the same appeal for President Duterte who receive the same judgement from De Lima.

“Listen first, investigate first before judging her (De Lima), let me make the same appeal for our President, but actually he doesn’t need it eh, let me make the same appeal to the PO1s of this country, those who make fifteen thousand pesos only (P15,000), when the cost of living is P25,000 – P35,000 in our major cities” Cayetano said.

Cayetano also added that these PO1s are the ones who are in the front lines, but when they challenge a syndicate or a drug lord they get suspended, leaving them with no money to feed their family.

“One particular statistics that I didn’t hear today, is that there’s a 13% drop in crime” Cayetano said.


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