BREAKING NEWS! Anti-Duterte blamed President Duterte for 6.5-magnitude earthquake in Mati City, Davao Oriental

According to the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS), the quake's location was 41 kilometers South and 40 degrees East of Mati City. In the photo uploaded by the Crabbler page, some anti-Duterte blamed President Rodrigo Duterte the earthquake happen. Haters called it karma and wanted the president to resign.

Also, haters always showed ill-mannered even in times of calamity. Well, of course, the Duterte supporters hit back for their crab mentality and saying they shouldn't think that way, instead of showing sympathy and give prayers to those people who are affected. Meanwhile, it was intensity 5 felt in Mati and Davao City. Phivolcs said no damage is expected after the earthquake. Nonetheless, aftershocks are expected.

Read some feedbacks of the Duterte supporters from the photo above:

Kevin Christopher Tee So these Duterte haters are glad some people in Davao died from a bomb attack and a quake.....and yet they claim to be human rights warriors. They've lost their humanity. #Hypocrisy #CrabMentality #Irony
I don't wish for harm to them. I only wish they stop seeing through yellow lenses and star-spangled eyes so they see the truth. They also need a look in the mirror.

Khell Cach I fell so sorry for those comments that they are glad to see this country fall and crumble,tapos pag sla mamghihingi ng tulong sa dating gobyerno wlang maibigay na tulong.tapos they will blame the govt.and every one else,plagi sla my sisisihin sa mga ngyayari.theres no humanity left for these people.i hate to say this but sla yung mga taong manhid nansa katitohanan.

Isovin Belga Stupid tiny brained donkies! Tama bang sabihin yang mga yan? Siguro nung nangyari ang Yolanda sa amin sa Tacloban, panay din ang pasasalamat ng mga bobong yan... Kung sino man kayo, keep it up! Banat ng banat, karapatan nyo yan! Karapatan nyong ilabas ang kabobohan nyo.

Molina Wengweng why dont we just pray for our nation?at sa mga nasalanta ng lindol na ito?so bakit kailangan na mag ugaling talangka ang mga taong ito?kaya hindi umasenso ang bansa natin bec of crab mentality..and greediness in power ganyan ang mga LIBERAL PARTY..

Keith Kathe Kaya pala ang metro manila palagi binabaha kc sa sobrang karma? Ganyan ba ang mentality dapat?sabagay anti is only 8% kya dimo sila ma blame..


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