Who’s tougher than drug lords, kingpins? Duterte finds out tired, corrupt bureaucrats are impossible to beat

President Rodrigo Duterte is finding out that breaking the legs of drug lords and criminal kingpins is a walk in the park compared to weeding out the extortionists and indolent workers among the 1.5 million-strong bureaucracy.

In a speech in Malacanang Monday night, Duterte said that while his shock and awe tactic in his anti-drug and crime ware have yielded fantastic results so far in his first month in office, it has had zero effect on government employees who remain corrupt and lazy.

“I don’t want to transgress civil service rules, I do not want to ignore due process, I am loathe to do that. But I have to do a purge apparently because it is hard to remove the from government (the corrupt and the inept),” said Duterte.

Duterte cited the case of the Land Transportation Office and Land Transport Franchising and Regulatory Board whose corrupt employees continue to go on business as usual unimpressed by his threats.

Duterte said not even the appointment of former police general Ed Galvante, whom Duterte praised as “one of the strictest in the police”, as LTO chief has not cracked the culture of corruption in these agencies.An exasperated Duterte said that it would take probably a new generation of government workers to do the job and improve the state of the bureaucracy.

“I will be (doubly) harsh because my appeal that this will be a clean government is not registering at all,” said Duterte who has spent some of his recent speeches threatening to fire or shoot the corrupt bureaucrats but ton no avail.

He appealed anew to the government to help him clean the government. “I will be the least of your trouble. The perennial problem of corruption is still there,” said Duterte.

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