WATCH Sen. Gordon to CHR: Why they are not noisy in the past 10 years

Sen. Gordon asked the Commission of Human Rights during the Senate Investigation about alleged Vigilante killings why the group is not noisy in the past 10 years when the riding-in-tandem cases are rampant.

The Senator is disappointed because the CHR is very silent in the times where the riding-in-tandem victimize people.

Riding in tandem victimised many innocent lives and some rumours that the people behind this kind of crime are the prisoners who were given a chance to go out in their cell temporarily to perform the crime.

The Senator also recommended that the government must inform China, Hong kong and Taiwan that most of the illegal drugs are came from their country, so the United Nations will stop criticising the Philippines.

PNP Chief Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa shows his frustrations and asked the Senator how they can imprison the drug lords if they are already inside the prison?

“Paano po namin mapapakulong ang nakakulong na?” frustrated Bato asked to the Senator.

The Senator said that the law must rule and the PNP must stop in eliminating the illegal drugs in the Philippines which believes by many as the source of all heinous crimes in the country.

The Netizens also lambasts the Commission of Human Rights and the other Senators for attacking the current administration and questioning the Oplan Tokhang that made a successful story in Davao City.


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