WATCH: Jinggoy Estrada revealed the alleged second lover of Sen. De Lima

Former Senator Jinggoy Estrada revealed the identity of “Warren” the another alleged lover of Senator De Lima who works in MMDA.

On his post on Facebook, Estrada shows the joined printed photos of what he claimed as Warren Cristobal together with his allegedly owned jeepneys, cars, motorcycles and vans. Warren is the one who pouring a cold water to De Lima when the Senator and DOJ Secretary on that time participated in the ice bucket challenge. Jinggoy also asked De Lima if all the cars that owned by Warren who works as an escort in MMDA was gifted by the Senator.

Netizens were shocked because of this revelation of the former Senator and questioned the wealth of Warren and how he bought many cars like this while he is only working in MMDA as a escort.

Last week, Jinggoy Estrada who are still detained until now attacked De Lima after he received the news that President Duterte revealed the secrets of the new Senator.

Senator De Lima is now facing controversies after the President revealed her secrets, including her alleged lovers Ronnie Dayan and Warren who also allegedly owned questionable wealth.

The senator is not yet giving any statement about the newest revelation of the President.


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