WATCH: Baste Duterte unites dad’s campaign vs illegal drugs

Just say no to drugs.

Sebastian “Baste” Duterte has thrown his support behind the government’s war on illegal drugs by spreading public information on how substance abuse can ruin a person’s life.

“To help you be knowledgable of what has been going on for months already, here are some information straight from the Presidential Communications Operations Office. Be informed! Share if you must! #PartnerForChange,” Duterte said in a Facebook post. As of August 22, the Presidential Communications Office reported that 673,978 drug personalities have surrendered to authorities as the government wages war on illegal drugs. Around P3.5 billion worth of illegal drugs have also been seized in more than 7,000 police operations so far. At least 95.47 percent of 19,432 drug-related arrests are attributed to shabu addiction.

The PCO said shabu is considered the most prevalent illegal drug in the country. Shabu users often show signs of anxiety, tension, irrational behavior, loss of self-control, acute psychotic reactions, violent behavior, among others.


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