VIRAL: Jasmine Curtis-Smith to MMDA; reports urinating man in public

Jasmine Curtis-Smith is getting netizens' attention when she reposted a video on her Instagram account, showing a man who was urinating on the wheel of a bus in EDSA.

The actress re-tweeted the video and wrote in the caption: "Absolutely GROSS. paging @MMDA".

The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) replied to Jasmine's tweet through their Twitter account and said: "@jascurtissmith Thank you for your report. We will forward this to the Inter-Agency Council on Traffic.#mmda" Some Twitter users were not pleased with the actress' statement while some backed her up. User @chancebabies said: "@jascurtissmith yeah consider gross, pero putting empathy to their situation, considerable yung act, wala nang time para maghanap ng decent"

The actress replied: "@chancebabies make people understand that such behaviors should not be condoned. Ganyan ba tayong mga Pinoy?Basta convenient satin, ok lang?" @luzsabtiago23: "jascurtissmith @MMDA dpat magbigay din kayo ng sanction sa mga basta basta kumukuha ng video at nagpapasikat lang sa socmed."

@cheesekit: "@jascurtissmith i would have to agree w/ you jas. Sad to think that this is the norm these days. Be sensitive sana na mali ginagawa nila!"

@dwale01: "@jascurtissmith @MMDA @millimetrs sabihin nyu yan sa kidney stones nyu sa pagpipigil nang ihi.. or sa traffic jan sa inyu.." @katmsantiago: "@jascurtissmith @luzsantiago23 so kung may umihi pala na lalaki sa harap natin dapat maging sensitive at isiping okay lang yun"

User @millimetrs who was the original source of the video, tweeted a reply to one of the users' reaction. She said: "He can't even make the excuse na traffic kasi walang traffic kanina. IT'S SUNDAY. May stoplight lang. Wala lang talaga syang control."

Jasmine then posted another tweet saying: "Kung ihing ihi sa traffic then find a more appropriate solution. Hindi ung sa KALSADA sa HARAP ng ibang tao." Jasmine Curtis-Smith reports urinating man in public to MMDA Jasmine Curtis-Smith reports urinating man in public to MMDA Jasmine Curtis-Smith reports urinating man in public to MMDA


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