The Two Mystery Houses of De Lima’s personal driver

The two mystery houses allegedly owned by De Lima’s personal driver and alleged lover Ronnie Dayan has gone viral online.

The photo of two mystery houses that published by Manila Bulletin and Jojo Riñoza are allegedly owned by Ronnie Dayan.

The white house is owned by Ronnie Dayan and allegedly guarded by his personal bodyguards and the other is the house of Dayan’s family. The neighbours of Dayan are keeping their silence and not speaking about what they know about De Lima’s personal driver.

The Neighbours of Dayan are always saying that they don’t know anything when they asked if the houses of Dayan was funded by De Lima.

Senator De Lima asked the President to spare her colleagues, friends and family who are also affected by the issues that thrown against her.

De Lima declined to answer when the Senator was asked about the houses owned by Dayan.

Meanwhile the Netizens are questioning the wealth of De Lima’s personal driver, they believe that no personal driver can fund a house like that without any other business.

“Some drivers are only earning 10,000-15,000 a month, how can you build a mansion kung ganyan lang kalaki salary mo? kahit na you are earning 50,000 a month hindi mo kayang magpatayo ng ganitong bahay” One of the Netizens said to our source.

Other Netizens who worked as drivers are also questioning the wealth of Dayan.

The personal Driver of De Lima is not yet showing his face to the public.

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