PNoy admin’s high satisfaction rating ain’t a shock for ex- nat’l security adviser

Former National Security adviser Cesar Garcia Jr. has welcomed the news about the “very good” satisfaction rating received by the Aquino administration in its final days but isn’t at all surprised by it.

In a statement, Garcia said former President Benigno Aquino III was able to inspire members of his Cabinet to work hard through his own example. “I have seen from close quarters my cabinet colleagues strive hard to provide the kind of service to the country that the President, by his personal example inspired us to do.

In the security cluster of the cabinet where I was an active participant, I saw this in our decision-making process wherein we always factored into the equation in resolving difficult issues, the legal & moral dimensions, often disregarding political expediency as a factor,” he said.

While admitting there were some imperfections in the Aquino administration’s approach to certain security issues, Garcia said he and other Aquino-era Cabinet officials strove to “to stay on the side of right” in resolving difficult problems.

He said results of the Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey conducted from June 24 to 27, which showed the Aquino administration with a net satisfaction rating of a “very good” +50, only proves the Cabinet secretaries were successful in doing their jobs.

Garcia credited Aquino for the previous administration’s stellar performance, saying he laid a “substantial” foundation for succeeding Presidents to use as a platform for progress.

H/T: politiko

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