P100M-worth Loot is hiding tons of cash in basement

President Rodrigo Duterte is accusing retired Cebuano police general Vicente Loot of having more cash and assets that what he has declared in his statement of assets,liabilities, and net worth (SALN).

Loot , the incumbent mayor Daanbantayan town in Cebu, is one of the five active and retired police generals that Duterte exposed as coddlers or protectors of drug lords and cartels and the main reason why the illegal drug trade has flourished in the country.

“How can you be effective during the time of corruption of law? He’s (Loot) a police general, he’s a millionaire, he’s enjoying, he’s swimming in his (own) filth. He has his riches there and he has a filed a statement of assets and liabilities, of one hundred million pesos. What is your business? To have this one hundred million,” said Duterte in an early morning press conference in Davao City.

“Those are the declared. How about the undeclared? The liquid cash, those stored in your basement. So what’s the use of those?” asked Duterte to Loot who admitted to owning a dozen cars; two jet skis and a speedboat; more than a dozen houses, farms, and beach resorts; ,a lending company and cockpit arena.

Loot used to be the boss of the Central Visayas Regional Anti-Narcotics Office before moving up to the Cebu Provincial Police Office from 2005 to 2007. He was promoted deputy regional director in Region 8 before he retired in July 2015. His wife, Ma. Lusia, used to be the mayor of Daanbantayan.

Duterte gave one example of how Loot helped drug lords evade police operations during his time as a cop. “Because the police were not there and Loot said, anybody in my region conducting a police furtive operation regarding drugs must report to me first. So when the police went there inside the warehouse, nobody was there, there will be residue of the, taken from the drums,” said Duterte. “So,drugs flooded this country, and that is why we have three million. And that is why we have now in custody, six hundred million and still wondering what to do about it,” added Duterte.

The other narco-generals named by Duterte were retired Deputy Director Gen. Marcelo Garbo; Police Director Joel Pagdilao; and Chief Superintendents Edgardo Tinio and Bernardo Diaz.

H/T: politiko

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