Netizens counter as Duterte approves Marcos' hero burial

Late President Ferdinand Marcos’ burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani has always been a never-ending debate among Filipinos. The dictator’s supporters favor the burial as they cite his contributions and service as a president for the country, while others who have suffered from martial law during his administration protest against it.

The current President Rodrigo Duterte, however, insisted that the strongman should be buried at the Libingan. Ex-senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. revealed that the president has already given him the go signal and his father’s remains is set to be buried at the cemetery on September 18.

Given that the president has already agreed on the burial, netizens expressed their opinions through social media. Here are some of the Twitter responses:

@radikalchick: Saan gusto ninyo? Luneta? Quiapo? Para ma-reroute. Enjoy your rights. #PresidentDuterte #MarcosBurial ‏@Ladyvioletfame: #PresidentDuterte yes,regardless for wht had happened before,what is done is done,let's all move on.Its been decades already. @arnold19732: smokey mountain is the best option. simply burn it! his corruption legacy still lingers today, @modernjuana: We can all agree that he served this country as a soldier and as a President. Yung mga ayaw.. Ano ba nagawa niyo for the PH? Netizens also voiced out their opinions on Facebook:

Niall Bel-one: Sa tingin ko lang ha, di naman makakabuti kung dyan ilibing si Marcos. I dont know about Libingan's security but militants and anti marcoses in manila will always look for ways to mutilate the grave of marcos. Mas mabuti na don sa ilocos where people revere him, maalagaan pa himlayan nya. Nette Gonzales Romero: ilibing na ang mga patay,wala na silang magagawa pa sa mundo ng mga buhay!Move on na tayo...sundalo naman talaga,di naman na sentensyahan sa bintang ..ang nais lang naman ng pangulong Duterte ay tuldukan na pagka hati hati ng isipang Pinoy!

Jnj Balaod Monera: ..I agree..we're just brainwashed by our history teacher and hearsays and the Aquinos...wala png nakapantay sa mga nagawa ni marcos...

Malaca Jmz: i do not agree with the burial of FM sa libingan ng mga bayani. i just hope #DU30 would do something to apeace with the victims of martial law... If this is the way to move forward then so be it. It's hard and it's painful for most but this is the way to a better Filipino. According to a Facebook poll conducted in May with the question: “Bury the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos in the Libingan ng mga Bayani?”, 71 percent of the 10,866 respondents agreed while 23 percent was not in favor and the remaining 5 percent said that they did not care.

The same poll was conducted on Twitter where 46 percent was not in favor, 45 percent agreed, and 9 percent did not care. The total Twitter respondents were 2,990.

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