MUST WATCH: Baron Geisler Hinamon Si Baste Sa Drug Test

A war has been declared.

After his trending video criticizing President Rodrigo Duterte's war on drugs which outraged netizens, actor Baron Geisler had released another video supposedly addressing the president.

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Geisler is known for his vocal opposition to Duterte's administration. In his previous video, Geisler said that the President's policies are anti-poor.

His new video, which appears to have been recorded inside his car, features Geisler supposedly talking to Duterte challenging him to have his son be subjected to a drug test.

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He suggested that both him and Duterte's son, which was later identified to be Sebastian "Baste" Duterte should be subjected to a drug test. Geisler also told the President to not be pretentious. The actor also asked the President on what he'll do should Baste turned out to be drug positive.

The video has been lambasted by netizens who were angered by Geisler's comments. Facebook user Jason Cruz said that the actor is just making some noise to be relevant. The video has 56,000 views and has been shared across social media.

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