MUST READ: Espino, Bucayu, Baraan are de Lima’s ‘partners in crime’ in drugs racket – Duterte

Pangasinan Rep. Amado Espino (5th district), retired police general and ex-Prisons director Franklin Bucayu were among the new personalites named by President Duterte as drug coddlers at the New Bilibid Prisons in Muntinlupa.

According to the matrix released by Duterte past midnight (Aug. 25, 2016), Espino’s was associated with his close aide, Pangasinan Provincial Administrator Raffy Baraan. Raffy was allegedly Espino’s conduit in “illegal activities”.

Raffy is the brother of Justice Undersecretary Francisco “Toti” Baraan described as the trusted one of now Sen. Leila de Lima when she was still are the helm of the Department of Justice.

The DOJ has direct supervision of the NBP facility. Also in the list is de Lima’s former lover-driver, Ronnie Dayan who was described as “case fixer” in Urbiztondo, Pangasinan. He was tagged as “BOSS De Lima” in the matrix.

Bucayu, mispelled as Bucayo in the matrix, was at the center of the list. His connection with de Lima dates back when the senator was still chairperson of the Commission on Human Rights.

Bucayu was regional director of Police Regional Police Office 1 (Ilocos) before designated as head of the NBP by de Lima in 2013. He eventually resigned as NBP Director after a two-year stint.

Politico sources said Bucayu was acquainted with de Lima when the general was appointed as head of the PNP Human Rights Center in 2010. Bucayu coordinated with de Lima when she was CHR chairperson.

A certain board member Raul Sison was included in the list.

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