MBC’s Ramon del Rosario says businesses can police its ranks even without gov’t looking

Businessmen do not need to be reminded by the government— by hook or by crook— to follow laws and pay the right amount of taxes because they’re obviously obligations they need to fulfill, Makati Business Club (MBC) chairman Ramon del Rosario Jr. said.

In an interview with the Philippine Star published Tuesday (August 16), Del Rosario urged President Rodrigo Duterte to exercise more prudence as he embarks on a shame campaign against big-time tax evaders.

“It should be the initiative of the business community itself to enforce and inculcate among ourselves the idea that integrity makes sense and that it is better for us to be the ones to police our own ranks and to police ourselves and make sure we adhere to the laws, including paying our taxes, compliance with labor laws, things of that sort,” he said.

“It really should start with us. It should not only be the government enforcing these things, because we always complain about corruption in government but we need to do our part,” Del Rosario added.

Duterte has hinted he might soon reveal the names of big-time tax evaders, after outing government officials, judges and police officers supposedly involved in the illegal drug trade.

He said has already asked Bureau of Internal Revenue chief Cesar Dulay for the names of wealthy individuals who do not pay the right taxes.

H/T: politiko

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