Is this the picture of the ex-driver and rumoured lover of Sen. De Lima?

A picture claimed to be the real Ronnie Dayan, the ex-driver and rumoured lover of Senator Leila De Lima was posted by Joel Maguiza Sy Egco on Facebook.

Egco is the Assignments Editor and Chief of Reporter at The Manila Times and according to his Facebook post, he got the photo from Jaime Aquino. This week, Netizens posted the picture of a showbiz writer on facebook, mistakenly recognised the writer as Ronnie Dayan.

Recently, De Lima said that she didn’t know that Dayan was still married when he applied as her bodyguard. Dayan who are seeking help to the Senator is currently hiding somewhere in the Philippines according to Sen. De Lima.

The photo was taken when he was arrested for indiscriminate firing in 2014, according to egco.

H/T: pinoytrending

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