House won’t force De Lima to attend investigation on Bilibid drug trade— Alvarez

The House of Representatives will not force Senator Leila de Lima to attend its investigation into the drug trade inside the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) even if the inquiry focuses on how she dealt with the issue when she was justice secretary.

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House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez said the Committee on Justice will not force De Lima to attend the hearings in observance of the rule and tradition on interparliamentary courtesy.

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“Hindi naman natin siya (De Lima) pipilitin na dumalo. Nasa sa kanya yun. Option niya yun dahil meron naman tayong tinatawag na inter-parliamentary courtesy. At yun ang ibibigay natin. Igagalang po natin ‘yan,” he said in a press conference Thursday (August 25). De Lima earlier said she will not attend the hearings to be conducted by the House even as she maintained her innocence regarding the allegation she was involved in the drug trade inside the NBP.

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Even without the senator’s participation, however, Alvarez said the House will continue with its efforts to determine the truth behind the illegal drug trade within the national penitentiary.

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“Patuloy nating aalamin kung bakit lumaganap yung illegal drugs nung panahon ng pangangasiwa niya (De Lima),” he said.

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