Hontiveros to Duterte:personal attack to De Lima is ‘unpresidential’

Senator Risa Hontiveros has sharply rebuked President Duterte for his “misogynistic” and “extremely unpresidential” attacks against Senator Leila de Lima and warned of a looming collision between the Executive and the Senate.

In a Facebook post, Hontiveros said there is no excuse for Duterte “to insult and threaten women or target” a person’s reputation without basis even though he is the country’s President.

“As a woman, I take deep offense at President Rodrigo Duterte’s latest remarks against fellow Senator Leila de Lima. They are misogynistic,” she said.

“They are a 180-degree turn from the apology he issued during the campaign period on his rape joke, and his reconciliatory tone to Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno, whom he threatened with Martial Law regarding policy differences in the government’s war against drugs. The President’s latest statements establish a consistent and disturbing pattern, which is prejudicial to women,” she added.

Annoyed by her criticisms on his war on illegal drugs, the President recently accused De Lima of being “immoral” for having an affair with her married driver. Duterte said De Lima’s lover collected money from drug lords for campaign purposes.

Hontiveros however criticized the President for giving premium to personal attacks over real arguments. “It is also an awful display of ‘ad hominem politics,'” she added.

The President’s attacks on De Lima were “extremely unpresidential and a breach of parliamentary courtesy,” Hontiveros said. “It unnecessarily sets the Executive and Senate on a dangerous collision course,” she said. Hontiveros also urged the Senate to defend De Lima from the unjust tirades of the President.

“I hope that the Senate, as an institution, will rise to the challenge and defend the integrity of one of its members, even as it tries to find ways to peacefully and prudently resolve this matter,” she said.

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