EXCLUSIVE:Much-awaited drug matrix showing Senator Leila de Lima’s alleged involvement at the New Bilibid Prison

PRESIDENT Duterte on Thursday revealed the much-awaited drug matrix showing Senator Leila de Lima’s alleged involvement in the drug operation at the New Bilibid Prison – but the biggest surprise was that former Pangasinan Governor and now Pangasinan 5th District Representative Amado Espino Jr. is in the template.

Also tagged in the matrix are:

Former Justice Undersecretary Francisco Baraan III

Pangasinan City Administrator Raffy Baraan

General Franklin Bucayo

Ronnie Dayan

Pangasinan Board Member Raul Sison

“Ms Cardenosa”

De Lima and Dayan are on top of the matrix. Dayan is described as “BF of De Lima since the CHR days. Started as driver, now known as BOSS De Lima or ‘Case Fixer’ of Urbiztondo, Pangasinan of well-known politicians.”

Three arrows from De Lima point to former Undersecretary Baraan, Bucayo and Dayan.

The matrix says Bucayo was “designated as PNP RD PRO 1 thru the help of De Lima.” “After retirement, he was appointed as BUCOR chief,” the matrix said. “Resigned as Chief because of alleged involvement [in] illegal drugs inside BUCOR.”

BUCOR stands for Bureau of Corrections.

An arrow connects Undersecretary Baraan with his brother, Pangasinan City Administrator Raffy Baraan, who is connected to Espino, described in the matrix as the “richest politician in Northern Luzon,” and another one with Bucayo.

According to the matrix, Espino used Raffy Baraan as cover for his alleged illegal activities. Espino has been charged with plunder for illegal mining case.

Both Espino and Baraan were involved in black sand mining in Pangasinan. A certain “Ms Cardenosa” also appears in the matrix. She is connected with Dayan and serving as the dummy for his properties.

Sison is connected with “Ms Cardenosa” and Espino, the matrix shows. Prior to releasing the matrix, Duterte said that he was reviewing and investigating the linkages of the names on it.

But on a midnight news conference in Davao City, the President gave the members of the media a sneak peek.


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