Duterte’s intel report connection to Leyte mayor’s son to 2 ‘generals'

The son of Albuera, Leyte Mayor Rolando Espinosa Sr. – Rolando “Kerwin” Espinosa Jr. – has been linked to two of the five police generals named by President Rodrigo “Rody” Duterte as protectors of drug lords, according to the police intelligence report submitted to the President.

These two police generals are retired Chief Supt. Vicente Loot and retired Deputy Director-General Marcelo Garbo Jr. However, Loot denied that he personally knew Kerwin.

“I do not know him from Adam. I do not know him personally but I know his name and his links to illegal drug syndicates and, in fact, the arrest warrant against him was worked out during my time in Region 8 when I was transferred there in August of 2011,” Loot told the Inquirer. According to the intelligence report submitted to Duterte, Kerwin was first recruited by the police to become their asset in their war against illegal drugs when Loot was still the head of the Regional Anti-Narcotics Unit. The Leyte mayor’s son allegedly became a shared asset of both Loot and Garbo.

But during his work as a special police asset, Kerwin was then introduced to a top drug lord named Jeffrey “Jaguar” Diaz – killed in Las Piñas City on June 17 – who helped him become a drug lord himself. “He went on his own and became the biggest drug supplier and distributor in the entire Eastern Visayas,” an anonymous source told the Inquirer.

The police intelligence report also says that Kerwin was able to earn P300 million a month from his illegal drug business supplied from China through another drug lord, Peter Co. The source said that some of Kerwin’s earnings were regularly given to top PNP officials. Loot said that he is innocent and is ready to face investigations to prove that he has no connection to the illegal drug trade. Meanwhile, Leyte Mayor Espinosa had asked his son in public to surrender himself to the police.

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