Duterte to send police, soldiers with full media entourage to mansions of tax evaders

President Rodrigo Duterte is planning to allow the media to accompany the police or military during their visits to the homes of rich people who do not pay their taxes.

In a speech in Davao City, Duterte said that rather than sending the usual agent from Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), he would send police officers or soldiers to knock on the gilt-edged doors of of tax evaders. “Padalhan kita ng pulis, nakatayo sa bahay, ipatanong ko sa pulis kung bakit hindi ka nagbabayad ng taxes mo, simple as that. I’ll ask media to accompany the police, with the police, ‘dahlia kasi dito sa dokumento na ito, sir, hindi ka nagbabayad. Magtatanong lang kami.’ In front of the media para walang masabi. Police ang papuntahin ko o military,” said Duterte.

“Patanong lang kita sa military o police, ‘why are you not paying the proper tax and you are enjoying the planet of the Republic of the Philippines.’ Gumagamit kayo ng tubig, gumagamit kayo ng… the roads, you are enjoying the protection of the police,” said Duterte. Duterte was sending armed personnel against tax evaders because the latter have hired police or soldiers as their bodyguards.

“Merong iba diyan, may mga milyonaryo may mga security guards kayo na police or military and we have kept the blind eye on that. Kayo na nga iyong mga may body guards na de baril. Eh alam mo mawala sa inyo iyan,” said Duterte. Once a court case has been filed against these tax evaders, Duterte said he would order the Bureau of Immigration to ban them from traveling outside the country.

H/T: politiko

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