Duterte to review Napoles list and see who were left out by Leila

President Duterte wants the Congress to re-visit its investigation of the pork barrel fund misuse controversy involving pork barrel queen, Janet Lim Napoles.

“I will now raise again the Napoles issue. Let us revisit the Napoles case,” he said in an early Sunday morning televised news conference in Davao City. Duterte held the presser shortly after he met with some lawmakers where the pork barrel issue was among the topics discussed.

“I have some revealing things to tell you about it. You just wait,” he added, indicating that he will again be spilling the beans against Sen. Leila de Lima whom he exposed after her driver-lover supposedly acted as her bagman for collecting payola from drug lords detained at the national penitentiary.

“Several lawmakers are inside, but only because the charge, the accusation is non-bailable,” he said, referring to Senators Jinggoy Estrada and Ramon Revilla Jr. “That is not enough vindication for the Filipino people,” he said.

“The Napoles case should deserve a second look for it has also — it involves corruption, and de Lima,” said Duterte. He said the Napoles case deserves a second look because “billions and billions of pesos” were lost because of the corruption issue.

H/T: politiiko

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